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Channel 10 - SEEK GPS, Healthy Homes

Channel 10 Featured; NutTAG™ Award-winning tiny SEEK GPS is a must-have for families with children of all ages or elderly parents across Australia. The SEEK offers a user-friendly and simple solution for monitoring and locating your loved ones via the Online Portal and Mobile App. It is the simple sleek solution to protect the whole family. 


Our GPS devices are designed to be a personal alarm for all ages, as well as a remote personal tracking device. The SOS button can be activated sending an instant alert to; friends, family or the police. Alerts can arrive via the app notifications, SMS, email or the device can even call your designated numbers.

Popular features for protecting the elderly or kids include geo-fence alerts, to be alerted when your tracker leaves their safe zone. These features suit families caring for sufferers of elderly with early-onset dementia, alzheimers or even children who like to go for an unannounced walk. The Emergency SOS button and Fall detection are also highly effective in monitoring safety.

If a fall occurs, instant alerts will be sent to families and careers. We then recommend using the ‘two-way voice calling’ feature allowing a call to be placed to the device, the SEEK GPS will auto-answer and a voice conversation may continue between yourself and your loved ones.

With the longest battery life, the SEEK stands out as the most reliable GPS tracking for Kids and the Elderly.

As Australia Number One supplier of personal trackers and Personal Safety/Duress alarms NutTAG work with and supply the largest organisations.

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