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GPS FAQ's - SEEK & Watch

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Key Features & Functions

SEEK Kids GPS and Smart Watch are among our most advanced trackers, see features below to discover why.

NEW GPS Smart Watch - Wearable Security

Kids 3G GPS Smart Watch

GPS Watch
+ 1yr Access Plan

$389.00 $528.40 + Free Shipping
*GPS Smart Watch(now $204) must be purchased with a subscription

The most powerful & versatile GPS tracker!

SEEK GPS for Kids

SEEK Kids GPS ($199)
+ 1yr Subscription (Vodafone)

$244.00 $444.00 + Free Shipping

SEEK Kids GPS ($199)
+ 1yr Subscription (Telstra)

$287.40 $528.40 + Free Shipping
*SEEK GPS ($199) must be purchased with a subscription

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